Gold and Bronze Coreopsis

Gold and Bronze Coreopsis have exploded with nice vibrant color with the use of Be-1. Even the Fritillary butterfly is attracted to the landing pads on the flower. These flowers had four servicing them while the sunlight was out.

N.C. Plants Love Be-1

Every year we get some images from North Carolina showing the progress of plants using Be-1. The planting was later than usual due to late frosting and snow, but the progress is steady. The Rosier Minature Rose was saved by the Be-1 and Be-2. It was on its way out but a combination of the two revived it and it […]

Plant Strong

“… here are some images from my tomatoes and soon to be green peppers that love, I say love, the be-1.” Thank you Rob Moore for the awesome organic garden pics! Cannot emphasize how great it is to have a talented photographer as a fan of our pellets.

GIANT purple-top turnips

Todd Dawson does it again. Not with giant pumpkins or watermelons…but this time with GIANT purple-top turnips. Todd is also a world-class ice sculpture artist. Check out some of his mind-blowing work Ice Occasions of NC