All Grown Up

This is an update on plants and flowers that were started and maintained by the Be-Organics products. The vegetables are healthy, strong and very waxy. No real threat except the attraction of tomato worms at one point. That battle was won. The tomatoes just keep coming and are very tasty. Onions are very strong in taste and have proven, to […]

N.C. Plants Love Be-1

Every year we get some images from North Carolina showing the progress of plants using Be-1. The planting was later than usual due to late frosting and snow, but the progress is steady. The Rosier Minature Rose was saved by the Be-1 and Be-2. It was on its way out but a combination of the two revived it and it […]

GIANT purple-top turnips

Todd Dawson does it again. Not with giant pumpkins or watermelons…but this time with GIANT purple-top turnips. Todd is also a world-class ice sculpture artist. Check out some of his mind-blowing work Ice Occasions of NC