• Organic Fertilizer for Your Microbes and Nutrients for Your Plants

    30+ years of advances by two of the world's leading amino acids research labs based in Japan, have resulted in the 100% natural organic Be-1 Pellets.
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  • The Soil Food Web

    See what growers are raving about. From Japanese nursery professionals, Be-1 Pellets are an entirely new approach to feeding your plants by focusing on your soil microbes. Be-1 leverages advances in amino acids research to benefit your soil microbes, while feeding your plants. Literally, awakening your soil.  After all, it all starts below.
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  • 100% Natural Organic

         Be-1 Pellets enhanced with Amino Acids ["hydrolyzed proteins" in California] ・ Be-1 Pellets are sustainably-harvested, 100% Natural Organic. 
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  • World Record

    Be-1 and Be-2 Grower "Danny Vestor:" World Record Cantaloupe: 65.9 lbs (29 kg)
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Friday, April 03, 2020
  • Awaken Your Soil!
  • Greater Abundance
  • Increased Plant Size
  • Enhanced Taste
  • Heightened Fragrance
  • Thicker and Glossier Foliage

Awaken Your Soil to Grow Everything Under the Sun

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and of all cell formation. They are a vital part of many processes in plants, including photosynthesis.

More Can Sometimes be Better

Healthy plants can focus on growing.  Be-1 can help soil to help plants, enabling them to focus on growing more fruits, vegetables and flowers.

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Naturally stronger plants plants can focus on growth

Size is not everything, but if a plant has strong natural defenses against pests and disease, then it can focus on growing.

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Coffee Loves Be-1

Coffee plants love the taste-enhancing amino acids in Be-1 and everybody loves coffee. Know anyone at Starbucks?
Not just coffee. There are amino acids that enhance the natural taste.  Yes, Be-1 has them. Not just taste either. Texture, crispness, and balance all contribute to taste.  Forget that sour taste of salt-based fertilizers and put a little terroir back into all your foods. 

See more images in the gallery.

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Smell the beauty of the flowers

Various flowers like the rose, lily, orchid, peony and others produce fragrances that humans are attracted too. They also attract pollinating insects and broadcast that nectar and pollen. Some amino acids are known to enhance flower fragrance.  See more examples in this gallery.

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Plants seem to glow

Plants, vegetables and flowers reach for the sky with blooms and leaves that seem to glow with color. Leaves look waxy and shiny while flowers have brilliant color.

Going organic

Conventional vs. Natural Organic

The challenge with conventional fertilizers is that they often contain salt (sodium-nitrates), which can have a sterilizing effect on microbes in the soil. Since microbes help turn nutrients into usable forms for plants, this means that not all nutrients are being converted into plant-available forms; hence, not quite reaching full efficiency and usually requiring increasingly more fertilizer to achieve the same effect. Often the excess will leach and may end up in our rivers, streams and oceans, causing such phenomenon as algae blooms, which kill salmon, and sterilize our waterways.

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Growers' Gallery

Teaming with Microbes

Lab Results


Third-party lab "EarthFort" performed a series of tests on the Be-1 pellets.

Below are results of the pellets mixed with pretreated Alaska humus ...

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Concentrated for Maximum Performance

Beneficial Microbials


When beneficial microbials, including bacteria, protozoa (amoebas, flagellates, ciliates) and mycorrhiza fungi already in the soil attach to the amino acids in Be-1, the microbials multiply exponentially.

This reaction greatly increases the amount of absorbable nitrogen cycling potential available to plants.

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Beneficial Fungi

Don't remove the white mold!


Soon after applying Be-1, beneficial microorganisms - the mycelium of fungus (white fungi) and actinobacteria - already in the soil will likely appear on the surface of the soil.

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Order your supply of the unique combination of nutrients, minerals along with a proprietary blend of amino-acids that is GMO-free, all natural and wild-sourced.

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Cutting Edge

A Unique Combination

Be-1 is a unique combination of nutrients and minerals, that are all natural and wild-sourced. The real game-changer is combining these ingredients into pellets with a blend of amino-acids.

The result is a product that isn’t just a shopping list of minerals and nutrients. Be-1 is a culmination of over 30-years of research to find the perfect combination and balance of ingredients and together, they literally awaken your soil, while efficiently feeding and strengthening your plants.

In a lab analysis done by EarthFort, the flagellate count increased by 67x times and 110x times more amoebae than the highest expected  levels. This directly correlates to at least 6x times the nitrogen cycling potential.

Succulents & Cacti

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One 22 lb (10 kg) bag makes over 1,000 gallons of concentrated,
amino-enhanced compost tea