Thursday, June 04, 2020
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Sunflower OSU Food Forest
Geraniums Of course, the flower on the left geranium is fed Be-1. Bigger than a fist too. This time we added our Be-2 to the mix as well. Look for the Be-2 soon! rok-geranium
Begnonia (tree?) Closeup
Begnonia (tree?) Closeup
Begnonia (tree?) Closeup
Begnonia (tree?) Closeup
Lilium nobilissimum
Lilium nobilissimum Tamotoyuri (Lilium nobilissium "Lilium japonicum") is an endangered but hopefully rebounding species of Lily native to Japan and grows only on Kuchinoshima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture. This handsome little guy was carefully grown from bulb and fed Be-1 Pellets for the last three years.
Wild Flowers Grown Indoor
Wild Flowers Grown Indoor
Violet Hanging Basket
Violet Hanging Basket
Red Geranium
Red Geranium Gorgeous red geranium grown by our nursery in Japan. rok-geranium
Geranium at our nursery
Geranium at our nursery This picture should have been taken a week earlier, but obviously this plant loves the Be-1! The amino acids no doubt helped the flowers last a little longer that would have otherwise. rok-geranium
Crocus sativus
Crocus sativus Crocus sativus "Safron" in Japanese and loving the Be-1 Pellets
Ancient Satsuki Bonsai Series
Ancient Satsuki Bonsai Series rok-bonsai
Orchid rok-orchids
Vanilla Plants - Tahiti
Vanilla Plants - Tahiti In Tahiti, they specialize in growing premium vanilla orchid plants and the variety is Vanilla tahitensis. Its cousin Vanilla planifolia is grown primarily in Madagascar and known as “Bourbon” vanilla, but the Tahiti variety is more oily, more plump and has many seeds per bean, making it the variety of choice for gourmet pastry chefs and cuisine. rok-beans rok-orchids
Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Beans rok-beans rok-orchids
Shade House - Vanilla
Shade House - Vanilla "La Orana!" from organic vanilla grower partners in French Polynesia (Tahiti), these vanilla plant pictures are from shade houses on a 500 m2 (5300 sf) organic vanilla farm on the island of Ua Pou, in the Marquesas Islands. rok-beans rok-orchids
Organic Tahitian Vanilla Plants
Organic Tahitian Vanilla Plants Most vanilla plantations use 12-12-17 NPK conventional fertilizers. The pictures are organic farmers using compost made with woody matter, hibiscus leaves and roots and coconut husks. rok-beans rok-orchids