Friday, April 03, 2020
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Reishi Fungi Trials
Reishi Fungi Trials
Reishi Fungi Trials
Reishi Fungi Trials
Beneficial fungus in house plant
Beneficial fungus in house plant Add 3x tablespoons of ‪#‎be1‬ pellets to your soil or solubilize the pellets in water and quench your plant's thirst while bringing your soil to life. You should see beneficial soil surface fungi in 3-4 days.
10-days (Closeup)
10-days (Closeup) Imagine what this fungi is doing to help convert organic matter into a form for your plants down in the soil.
10-days to beneficial fungi
10-days to beneficial fungi It only took us 10-days to grow the beneficial fungi in our pellets. We just added water. We even used tap water with chlorine and chloramine. To survive pasteurization and city water shows the will of this fungus.
Beneficial Fungi - Petri Dish
Beneficial Fungi - Petri Dish Is your fertilizer alive? Check out the beneficial white fungus growing on the Be-1 pellets in these glass dishes. *Do* try this trick at home! Add a few pellets to any dish and just enough tap water for pellets to absorb. After a few days, the pellets come to life, harnessing organic matter in pellets and air and decaying it, transforming nutrients into plant-available forms. We have been testing affects of humidity on the fungi. We put a glass lid on the dish closest to the camera and the others we left open. All dishes grew fungi but there is certainly a difference in speed of growth in the dish with the lid left on. We believe the lid is helping contain moisture and keeping the pellets hydrated, which promotes the fungal growth. This is one reason we suggest scratching the pellets into the surface of the soil to keep the pellets from drying out.
Roots Growing on Soil Surface
Roots Growing on Soil Surface Roots are so happy that they are growing on surface of the pot! rok-roots
Be-1 Pellets and orchid
Be-1 Pellets and orchid Carpet of beneficial fungi covering an orchid pot. rok-orchids
Carpet of Beneficial Fungi
Carpet of Beneficial Fungi 5-gal tea recipe from a customer resulting in a beautiful carpet of beneficial fungi! Just 50g (3x tablespoons) of Be-1 pellets, 5ml (1 teaspoon) of NTexx soil inoculant, 8 oz (16 tablespoons) fish emulsion once per week into a peat and perlite medium. Endomycorrhizal fungi is also fed every other feeding. Remember: Don't remove this beneficial fungi.
Fungi & Cocoa Shell Mulch
Fungi & Cocoa Shell Mulch Cocoa shell on the right and cocoa shell mixed with Be-1 on the left. A great planting medium alternative to peat moss and coir fiber, the white fungi go crazy when a little water is splashed on it.
Fungi & Cocoa Mulch Closeup
Fungi & Cocoa Mulch Closeup This is what happens when Be-1 is embedded in your soil.
Fungi & Cocoa Mulch Closeup+
Fungi & Cocoa Mulch Closeup+
Baby Cascade Beer Hops
Baby Cascade Beer Hops Focus should be on the Be-1 pellets at the base of the hops, and covered with beneficial fungi, which love the amino acids. Remember, do not remove the white fungi. rok-hops
Baby Cascade Beer Hops
Baby Cascade Beer Hops More fungi attracted to the Be-1 pellets scattered on the ground. rok-hops
Beneficial Fungi
Beneficial Fungi Fungi love the amino acids in Be-1. Within a few days, the pellets turn white from fungi growth.