Thursday, June 04, 2020

Organic Fertilizer for Your Microbes and Nutrients for Your Plants

30+ years of advances by two of the world's leading amino acids research labs based in Japan, have resulted in the 100% natural organic Be-1 Pellets.

This is the ultimate (microbe) amendment for building all planting mediums, including soil, compost and even soil-less media.

Whether as a part of your feeding regimen, soil conditioning, or as a compost starter, if beneficial microbes can grow in it, Be-1 can help.

Be-1's blend of amino acids is formulated specifically for feeding and supporting beneficial microorganisms (bacteria, protozoa and mycorrhiza fungi), already in the soil or added by supplementary biological products. 

These beneficial microorganisms promote plant nutrient intake, resulting in soil conditioning that is intensified naturally and with the added benefit of a non-salt based nutrients.
A real game-changer.