Tuesday, September 24, 2019

U.S. Wholesale-Retailers


Alaska Mill and Feed




Northcoast Horticulture Supply


Beneficial Living Center and Garden Supply (Arcata / Humboldt)

Soilscape Solutions (Arcata / Humboldt)



Appleseed Horticulture (Placerville, Sacramento, Sierra Nevada) 





Mountain High Compost Tea Company



Waimea Valley Botanical Gardens




Reno Hydroponics & Organics




Ohio Hydroponics & Indoor Gardening




Portland Hydroponics & Organics


Corvallis Hydroponics & Organics

Portland Nursery

First Alternative Co-op (Corvallis)


Roots Garden Supply (Portland)


Redwood Nursery (Grants Pass)

Shonnard's Nursery (Corvallis)


Vital Organics Northwest (Eugene/Springfield)


Sodo Hydro



We are constantly innovating, then incessantly testing and seeking verification and certification.  We work with the following partners to ensure bringing you our best.


-organic certification

California (CDFA) certified Organic Input (OIM)
-organic certification

Earth Fort
-microbe lab testing

Clean Greent
-sustainable, organic certification


A list of products.

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Delivery of Your Products

Federal Express (FedEx) is “Be-1 Organics'” carrier of choice. Orders are processed immediately after receipt of order and confirmation of payment.  Arrival times are dependent upon shipping selection option Customer selects.

International Delivery

Be-1 Organics specializes in international business.  Please use same ordering process as domestic orders above.

Returns and Refunds

“Be-1 Organics” endeavors to guarantee your complete satisfaction. We are committed to delivering you products in excellent condition.

“Be-1 Organics” insures each shipment up to _____.  Upon receipt of your order, please thoroughly inspect your package for accuracy and breakage and inform Us within five (5) business days from receipt. We will promptly respond to claims of breakage and replace breakage at Our cost by standard ten (ten) business day delivery replacement.


“Be-1 Organics” offers no exchanges on products purchased on this Site.

Order Changes or Cancellations –Credit Card Payment

Order Cancellations:
Should you decide to cancel  your order within twenty-four (24) hours after submitting your order, a full refund will be provided and posted to you within thirty (30) days of your cancellation.

Order Changes:
Order changes can be made by 10 AM Pacific Standard Time on the first business day after the order has been placed.

Minimum Order
A minimum purchase of one (1) bag is required. For example, one 2 Kg (2.2 lb) bag.

Order Limits
There are no quantity limits.

However, if your order is in excess of ten (10) x 2 Kg (2.2 lb) bags or five (5) 10 Kg (22.2 lb) bags then please contact “Be-1 Organics” so that we may negotiate with FedEx for better shipping rates.

Material Safety (MSDS)

These pages can be dragged onto the desktop and then be printed off for a hardcopy.

Be-1 Pellets Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

[English]  [Spanish]



Be-2 Humic Acids Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)