Thursday, June 04, 2020

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Lab Results of Be-1 Pellets

Third-party lab EarthFort performed a series of tests on the Be-1 pellets.

Below are results of the pellets mixed with pretreated Alaska humus and water to activate, then after a 4-day waiting period, microbes were counted under a microscope.

Compared with controls, bacteria counts increase dramatically, but it is the beneficial aerobic fungi, flagellates and amoeba that are off the charts, 1.1x, 67x and 112x times, respectively, higher than their greatest expectations. Nitrogen Cycling Potential is a staggering 300+ lbs/acre.

Imagine this power in your compost tea.

One 22 lb (10 kg) bag makes over 1,000 gallons of concentrated,
amino-enhanced compost tea