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Our original nutrients, enhanced with amino acids
Batch-crafted since 1974

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Microbes and microbial food (humic acids & kelp) Standalone or a perfect complement to Be-1.

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The same amino acids used in our Be-1 Pellets.
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  • White Fungi
  • Soil Food Web

Why is it called “Be-1”?
The name stands for “Bio-Enhanced One,” i.e. fertilizer and biostimulant in one product.

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Don’t remove the white mold!

Soon after applying Be-1, beneficial micro- organisms the mycelium of fungus (white fungi) already in the soil will likely appear on the surface of the soil.

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The symbiotic relationship of amino acids, plants and beneficial microbes…the Soil Food Web.

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How Amino Acids Work

Developed by Japanese nursery professionals for in-house use, Amino Acids in our Be-1 Pellets are an entirely new approach to feeding your plants by focusing on your soil microbes. Be-1 leverages advances in amino acids research to exponentially increase fertility of your beneficial soil microbes, while feeding your plants.
Literally, awakening your soil.

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“After a few days, my plant perked up. After 3 weeks, I had new growth all over the plant, like I had never seen before! Thank you, Be-1.”
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