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A New Journey

Every garden, flower or vegetable, begins another journey to produce the best and healthiest plants. Be Organics is ready to take the next wave into the coming years. Standby for what is to come and thank you for standing by our product.

Huge Growth in Blowing Rock, N.C.

The garden has been enhanced by the Be Organics this year. My gallery will show how much it loves the product. My neighbor’s plants are not this far along as mine and have not produced yet. This is a testament to the Be Organics and how it assists my plants and their growth. They love it. Mr. Naylor, Blowing Rock, […]

All Grown Up

This is an update on plants and flowers that were started and maintained by the Be Organics products. The vegetables are healthy, strong and very waxy. No real threat except the attraction of tomato worms at one point. That battle was won. The tomatoes just keep coming and are very tasty. Onions are very strong in taste and have proven, […]

Doom to Bloom

This is a Rosier Miniature Rose that was real close to not making it but in came the medics, Be-1 and Be-2, and a lot of care. This little rose was down to one stalk and the leaves falling off – only three left to be exact. It took some time to get this little fella back on the right […]

Gold and Bronze Coreopsis

Gold and Bronze Coreopsis have exploded with nice vibrant color with the use of Be-1. Even the Fritillary butterfly is attracted to the landing pads on the flower. These flowers had four servicing them while the sunlight was out.

N.C. Plants Love Be-1

Every year we get some images from North Carolina showing the progress of plants using Be-1. The planting was later than usual due to late frosting and snow, but the progress is steady. The Rosier Minature Rose was saved by the Be-1 and Be-2. It was on its way out but a combination of the two revived it and it […]

Plant Strong

“… here are some images from my tomatoes and soon to be green peppers that love, I say love, the be-1.” Thank you Rob Moore for the awesome organic garden pics! Cannot emphasize how great it is to have a talented photographer as a fan of our pellets.

GIANT purple-top turnips

Todd Dawson does it again. Not with giant pumpkins or watermelons…but this time with GIANT purple-top turnips. Todd is also a world-class ice sculpture artist. Check out some of his mind-blowing work Ice Occasions of NC