Be+ Granules


    • AWAKEN YOUR SOIL! All-purpose 100% natural organic 3-6-5 performance amendment – fertilizer for your plants, microbes, and soil health. OMRI-listed

    • Be+ Granules a new formulation of our flagship Be-1 Pellets and Be-2 Inoculant, combined in a granular form, with the same concentrated amino acids from fermented fish and humic acids to promote exponential increases in beneficial microorganisms, mitigate stresses (pathogen, heat, transplant, etc.) and facilitate photosynthesis. Nutrients are all bio-available.

    • Made from sustainably harvested, wild-sourced, and GMO-free ingredients: Amino Acids from fermented fish, Alfalfa, Crab & Shrimp Shell, Fish Meal, Rice Bran, Fish Bone Meal (randomly ordered). Just as important is what it does NOT contain, i.e., NO GMOs, NO Soy, NO nut oils, NO Avian or Bat byproducts, NO Fillers, NO shipping liquids, NO spray-drying, Minimal plastic in packaging

    • Very versatile. Ideal for your monthly top dressing, amending, or mixed with water for a drench and foliar, or even added to your compost tea

    • Developed in Japan, but proudly sourced from the Pacific Northwest and Made in Oregon, USA