Lucy’s Christmas Cactus (Oregon)

The Be-1 Pellets saved my precious Christmas Rose.  Handed down to me from my mother, my 30+ year old plant was drooping and sickly looking like I had never seen and I was afraid of losing my family heirloom.  Then I found the Be-1 Pellets.

From the description, I thought it is more intended for outdoor plants, but reading about the beneficial microbes, I decided to give it a try.  The first thing I noticed is that there is hardly any odor, just a slight sweet-earthiness, so perfect for indoors!  After a few days, my plant perked up.  After 3 weeks, I had new growth all over the plant, like I had never seen before!  Thank you, Be-1.

Vanilla Matahiti – Vanilla bean testimonial (Tahiti)

“La Orana!” from organic vanilla grower partners in French Polynesia (Tahiti), these vanilla plant pictures are from shade houses on a 500 m2 (5300 sf) organic vanilla farm on the island of Ua Pou, in the Marquesas Islands.

In Tahiti, they specialize in growing premium vanilla orchid plants and the variety is Vanilla tahitensis.  Its cousin Vanilla planifolia is grown primarily in Madagascar and known as “Bourbon” vanilla, but the Tahiti variety is more oily, more plump and has many seeds per bean, making it the variety of choice for gourmet pastry chefs and cuisine.

The plants in these pictures are given 50 grams (3.5 tablespoons) of Be-1 per month per plant.  They found that Be-1 helps increase the amount vanillin rate upwards of 2- and 3-times over vanillin produced in plants on neighboring farms.

Most vanilla plantations use 12-12-17 NPK conventional fertilizers.  The pictures are organic farmers using compost made with woody matter, hibiscus leaves and roots and coconut husks.After 24 months since planting, the pods on these plants have about 9 more months to go before ripe, about one year earlier than normal for a first harvest.  

Thank you Vanilla Matahiti and de La Vanilleraie for the photos!


Charles Wood (Anchorage, Alaska)

I have had this plant for at least 12 years and it blooms a couple of times a year, but not for two months straight. I started using this Be-1 product once a week for my plants about 6 months ago …

Thanks Charles…the blooms are beautiful.  Doesn’t Alaska have nearly 24-hours of darkness in mid-Winter?  … that makes your blooms even that much more amazing!