Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Mustard Radish (Komatsuna) side by side
Mustard Radish (Komatsuna) side by side Roll'n with the changing seasons' harvest and planning some good eats for tomorrow. A little mustard spinach (Komatsuna) side by side...different plants, same results. Knowing that half the crop trials will look like the little guy on the left always kills me; however, the sacrifice highlights the benefits of focusing on microbes rok-roots rok-vegetables
Rutabaga rok-vegetables
Hydroponic Wasabi Radishes
Hydroponic Wasabi Radishes rok-hydro
Wasabi rok-hydro
Wasabi Radish
Wasabi Radish A commercial organic Wasabi grower in Utsunomiya Japan has been a faithful Be-1 customer for many years. Wasabi can be sensitive to fertilizers, so very minimal Be-1 is used with terrific results. These Wasabi plants are grown using crystal clear water from an underground spring with minerals that produce radishes with a fantastic taste profile. rok-hydro rok-vegetables
Wasabi Radish Greenhouse
Wasabi Radish Greenhouse Greenhouse in Utsunomiya, Japan produces year round Wasabi for your Sushi or hamburger. rok-vegetables
Daikon-Radish The radish on the right is typical of what you find at the supermarket. The radish on the Left was fed with Be-1 and has double the girth, much better tasting, and much sweeter. June, 2007 rok-vegetables